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It all started with an idea to use my artistic ability that I found through graffiti when I was younger. I wanted to put my art on clothing. At first it was just an idea, little did I know I was going to find my passion and purpose. I soon started to study the clothing industry, at the time I was in high school, instead of eating lunch I would go straight to the library and do research. I would also spend hours drawing logos and different designs trying to find the right logo for my brand. The hardest thing for me was finding the right name, the way I found my name was by making a list of words. The only thing I was sure of was that I wanted the abbreviation to be A.M.

The way I made my decision was by asking my classmates, I shared a few names I had in mind with them and all of them loved the name “Above.Millions” I wasn’t too fond of it at first but it grew on me. When I drew my final logos and and decided on my brands name, I started to do research on how the clothing industry worked. I knew that I had to prepare for what I was getting myself into. After months of research and skipped lunches. I found that I had to find a local screen printer to print my clothes. I then went to them with my logos and ideas and put in my first order with $200 I had saved up. They told me it would take about 2 week In those few weeks I would carry around my folder with my t-shirt template of how it would look and my classmates would ask me “What is that?” I would tell them that it was my future t-shirt for my brand. Everyone loved it and wanted to order one, so I started taking pre-orders, by the time the shirts were done they were already sold out. I could of just spent the money I made but I made the decision to put all into more clothes.

The day I received the t-shirts I packaged them up and handed them to the people that ordered. The feeling I got seeing everyone happy to receive their order is truly what made it all worth it and nothing has changed now. After I distributed all the t-shirts I waited until school was over to count my money. I was stuck in amazement, I remember just thinking to myself "There's no way I made this much" “I got something here” “I GOT SOMETHING HERE!!!!!” And I remember just having this feeling in my soul that I could take this far, so I did, I took over my high school in a matter of weeks, after that I took over my city, and now I’m taking over the whole country. Everything started with just wanting to do something, and now it’s something bigger than me.